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Presentation in "Ruski dom"

For all of you who are interested in "Russia on two wheels" there will be a slide show and we will tell story from our journey in "Ruski dom"
on Thursday, 11th October (19:00)

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August 6, 2007:
And the other part of the crew came home. Now we are preparing a story and photographs from the trip.


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I am leaving Russia in an airplane which slides trough clouds, which we had plenty of these days. I can hear Serbian language around me, passengers are sleeping, drinking coffee and juices. Everything is again nice, clean, civilised. Only fed days ago we were in a tent around which mosquitoes buzzed with an intent to bite us. And those were not just any mosquitoes – there were a lot of kinds of them – from those small ones, whose bite you don't even feel but it itches later, to those huge ones whose bite you feel the moment it finishes with sucking yours blood and start to itch that very moment... Both are very insensitive to sprays we have against insects, probably they were made for some civilised mosquitoes from the city. We also had gadflies, big, giant flies – they would bite our arms and legs the moment we stop, on some places we had to walk for hours to avoid them. With some of them we had emotional connection, they followed us for hours so we started recognising them by the shape of their gadfly face and gave them names... Ljena, Olja, Cana, Mica... I am wondering how did all of that start?

Last year, in October while I was watching television I saw some Russian regions, green, wide, and I concluded that it would be nice to ride bicycles there – and so... I found my buddies, Ugljesa and Nemanja, we calculated how much money we need,agreed to try to find sponsors and gave the name CikloRusija 2007 to our little adventure. With media support of daily newspaper "Danas" and radio "Index" a lot of people were able to hear about our adventure so we managed to collect some money, we added some and 14th of July we started our adventure...

Ugljesa and Nemanja are students, they have plenty of time while I am a worker with a limited holiday so we democratically decided that I will go polazakby plane while they will go slowly, two days by train. I saw them off on Wednesday from a train station, went to work for two days and on FridayI got on a plane and in no time I was in Moscow. Before taking off I got SMS message with information that my stuff is in Serbian embassy and to look for miss Olga in plane, she will arrange a transport for me to the embassy. I found her and was surprised with this development of situation.

Later, in embassy with the dinner, I found out where did this welcome come from. On a train stain Ugljesa and Nemanja were welcomed by our friends from Moscow, Ana and Kosta. We met Ana on the Internet, she offered to translate our Internet presentation to the Russian language, which we didn't refuse. Since the guys were first time in this city of millions, it was a good thing that someone waited for them, gave themUgi, Ana i Kosta directions where to go, what to see etc. Kosta is friend of Ana and he toolikes our country. Ana suggested to visit our embassy and showed them a way. This building was embassy of FNRY, it went trough all political andother changes which happened throughout 90's. Staff that was currently there (it was Friday afternoon) was surprised with our intent to ride our bicycles on bad Russian roads. They suggested that we leave our things in embassy until tomorrow and offered any kind of help we need. After that they went to see Russian capital, Red Square and other notabilities before the rain.

In the evening we were finally together and the heavy rain which turned Moscow streets into muddy streams stopped. We went to the flat of our Moscow host Dasa from Hospitality Club, international organisation of people who offer free accommodation on basis of reciprocity (I will give you a place to stay, someone will give me a place to stay). We went there using a metro, which was so good organised that it was very easy to find your way. Our things are in a safe place, in the embassy, and we are also. Because of the all excitement we hardly slept. When the sun finally rose up, we said goodbye to Dasa, we took our stuff from the embassy, said goodbye to Goran and Rajko who requested that we call them from time to time and we went to Red square from where we planned to start our adventure.

The square was closed for unknown reason, so we saw the church of "Vasilija Blazenog" and Kremlj from the distance. We went to the 0th point of all Russian rodes, which is right in front of the gates of the START!square, we looked up at the gold plated angel above the gates, made a wish and we all throw a coin behind our backs. This way our expedition started, at 1400 local time. On this journey our idea was to get to know nature of the Russia, going through small villages using local roads, and by the end of the journey to visit some bigger cities like Veliki Novgorod and to finish our journey in Sankt Peterburg, in front of the monument to Peter the Great, founder of that City. We started our way trough busy Moscow boulevards, which are called prospects here, avoiding new and fast cars traveling at high speeds not minding the pedestrians. Lights are green for a short time and we were wondering how can old grandmas and grandpas cross a street with such a short time. After some time we noticed that there were no such grandmas and grandpas probably because as soon as they start to walk slowly enough that they are unable to cross the street they move away or...

to be continiued...

Momir Kostić